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We are Local
We are InWestmoreland

Did a big media company decide to create Facebook.com/InWestmoreland and sell to local businesses? Nope.

InWestmoreland has been around since 2002, when the website was first launched as a business directory for Westmoreland County. It was created by CME Websites, a local web design agency which has served Westmoreland County since 1999.

20 years later, CME is now known as Chroma Marketing Essentials, an award-winning web design and software development agency, still locally owned and operated.

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Meet Our Social Media Maestro, Kylie Chiu

One of the biggest changes in our 20 years in business is the rise of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

With more than 2.2 billion monthly active users, Facebook alone is a market that cannot be ignored. Which is why in 2018 CME established our own Social Media department and hired Kylie Chiu to manage it.

Kylie is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania with an International Business Degree and an Asian Studies Degree. Before Chroma, she managed social media in fields such as education, healthcare, and non-profits.

At Chroma, Kylie has been challenged to manage Social Media programs for a wide variety of businesses, including some national accounts!

“I love sharing my insights and working with clients to get the most out of Social Media for their brands,” Kylie explains. “There’s a lot to it beyond posting. There’s an art to the language, timing, use of images, and effective use of advertising dollars that takes years to master.”

Kylie’s Big Idea for Westmoreland County Businesses

When it comes to Social Media, Kylie is never satisfied with the status quo. Her interest is in harnessing the power of Social Media to help our clients grow and to bring communities together in support of local businesses.

Of course, working with an experienced Social Media manager can be expensive, beyond the reach of many small businesses; however, what if local entrepreneurs could take advantage of affordable Social Media promotions centered here in Westmoreland County?

That’s InWestmoreland!

Unfortunately, in recent years the site has fallen into disrepair, as the rise of Google, do-it-yourself websites, and ubiquitous directory services made its original approach obsolete.

For Kylie, bringing InWestmoreland into the 21st Century means recreating it as a Social Media hub!

The New Facebook.com/InWestmoreland

Kylie’s first step was to launch a new Facebook presence for InWestmoreland at Facebook.com/InWestmoreland.

At Chroma, we are dedicated to promoting awareness of the InWestmoreland Facebook page under Kylie’s guidance and expert management. Our goal is to acquire thousands of followers in 2019 alone, promoting community growth and engagement, building brand awareness, and connecting small business owners with consumers in Westmoreland County.

How do Businesses Use the NEW InWestmoreland?

InWestmoreland on Facebook is a growing hub of business and community information, followed by an expanding base of local consumers.

Businesses can purchase professionally developed posts advertising their specials, events, and services to a local, targeted demographic.

These posts are professionally written with Social Media engagement in mind, include graphic design, slide-show design, video, and more. The Chroma team develops your post and schedules it for repeated appearances on InWestmoreland’s business Facebook page.

A portion of each Promo Package is used as “ad spend” to boost your message to a targeted audience based on your products and services.

At the same time, the content and graphics (or video) is turned over to you for posting on your own Facebook page or other Social Platforms as often as you wish. Once the original promotion is complete, evergreen posts (posts that aren’t date specific) can be run again and again at a nominal charge.

Best of all, there is no contract or obligation beyond the purchase of each “post,” with most under $100, including ad spend.

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