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In today’s global, online marketplace, we often shop around the world before we stop in our own communities.

The best way to Buy America is often down the street, around the corner, and close to home.

At InWestmoreland, we’re dedicated to Westmoreland County and to helping you shop local. When you spend dollars near home, you support your neighbors, your friends, and your family, helping keep the businesses in our Westmoreland County communities strong.

It’s easy. Visit and check out the shops, eateries, services, and events in our feed.

It’s not a list or a directory, it’s what’s new now.

You’ll never know what you see, and what you see may surprise you.

Discounts, Deals, and Expertise

Local companies often have the best deals and strive to be competitive with the biggest brand names. Watch to see what great offers are available today.

Local companies often have more experience, expertise, and dedication to getting the job done right than their big competitors. To many companies, you’re just a number in line. With local companies and services, you are an important customer relationship they want to keep for years to come.

Shop Local, Be Social, and Support Small Business with InWestmoreland.